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About me

I am naturally curious.
Learning things and honing skills is what makes me happy.
I am the founder of Win Big, a digital performance marketing company.
I was born in Italy, and I am currently living in Barcelona, Spain.


Things that fire me up

A short, non-exaustive list of things I am pleased to talk about.


I like to ideate, create and test new solutions to common problems, and also seek and pursue opportunities. Win Big is my first company, and growing it is teaching me a lot.


The web allows my professional development, but I am mostly interested in the social implications of things such as Wikipedia, online communities, P2P protocols and decentralized applications.


There is no better way to get new perspectives and widen your horizons, than immersing yourself in other cultures, and interact with people who think and act in a different way than you do.


My parents introduced me to computers and programming at a very young age. Now that more things than ever incorporate some sort of computer, I am comfortably living in this technological world.


I have surfed the waves of three oceans in five continents, but I still am an amateur at this amazing sport. I love the connection with the sea and the sense of freedom that it gives.


I am very lucky to be married to an incredible woman who every day brings joy in my life. We share many of our passions, but also are quite different: such alchemy allows us to grow together.

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