Who I am

I was born in southern Italy, in a seaside city, in a sunny and hot day of may. That fact alone, probably tells a lot already about my own weather and location preferences.

At age of 6, I got my hands on a Commodore64, and since then, I have not stopped exploring different sides of computer technology: my curiosity and interest for the matter kept growing, up to the point where I turned this hobby into a profession.

My career began as an SEO: I landed an agency gig not long after my initial research and practice on the field, then I quitted to work as a freelance consultant; during this time I built and ran an affiliate business, and nowadays I am leading a digital performance marketing company.

Having had enough of school, I quitted the same day I finally got my high school diploma, and that decision left with the freedom to study and research what I felt useful, in my own way: reading books, listening to podcasts, taking courses and, mostly, practicing and testing assumptions are my preferred methods to bring on a learning that never ends.

When an innate curiosity is mixed with the mobility freedom guaranteed by work which is possible to perform wherever there is an available internet connection, wanderlust is a very probable result. Then with my wife, we bought a one-way ticket to south-east Asia, and went on an half-year long travel in which we visited Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand.

Nowadays we’re living in Spain, and already wondering where our next stop will be.